30 Tips to Overcoming Fear of Flying

Posted On November 12, 2019

While flying is the safest mode of transport, flight phobia is still a common challenge for many travelers. If you hate flying just by the thought of how fatal the rare accidents are, below are 30 tips to overcoming the fear of flying.

1. Know what to expect

Before the flight, learn how planes work and how it can fly for long even after the engine fails. This helps you reduce the fear of thinking about what will happen in case of an engine malfunction.

2. Before a flight, familiarize with your plane

Know how your plane looks like before your trip. You will find it less scary when its time for your flight.

3. Opt for an aisle seat

When booking your flight, go for the aisle seat, especially if you have claustrophobia. This is because you can stand up and move around easily. You will also avoid looking out through the window.

4. Think positive

Having negative thoughts before or during the flight, such as what would happen if the airplane crashes, will make you more anxious. Focus on positive things, such as the things that you will do at your destination.

5. Arrive at the airport early

Do not rush the last minute to avoid missing your flight, as this will add more anxiety to you.

6. Find out what triggers your fear

After you know what makes you afraid of flights, it will be easy to manage it.

7. Be confident

Just know the plane is in perfect condition since experts check it after it lands and before taking off.

8. Separate fear from danger

It is hard to separate fear from anxiety because our bodies react the same to both. Label your fear as anxiety and know you are not in danger even when feeling intense anxiety.

9. During long hauls, opt for larger airplanes

When you are going for a long flight, opt for bigger planes. This is because, in large planes, you will feel fewer turbulence and bumps.

10. Choose a seat that is over the wings

Go for a seat over the wings if you fear turbulence because that is the area of the plane that experiences the least bumps after encountering turbulence.

11. Be aware of turbulence

Try to understand turbulence as they are caused by a change in the climate, such as a sudden change in global temperature, and they cause the plane to jump.

12. Opt for non-stop flights

Since most fear occurs during taking off and landing of the plane, go for direct flights.

13. Look at the flight attendants

Flight attendants do not have flight anxiety anymore. So even is the worst climate with worse and frequent turbulence, they remain calm, giving you surety that there is no danger.

14. Ask for help

Do not shy off from asking for advice and help from the flight attendants in case you are more anxious.

15. Value all your flights

If possible, take frequent flights as this will help you overcome the flight anxiety

16. Learn more about the plane

Learn how planes are designed to withstand turbulence and focus on managing the fear rather than looking forward to when the turbulence will end.

17. Breathe, relax and meditate

Take a deep breath, relax, and meditate, and you will naturally calm down and overcome flight anxiety.

18. Lower anxiety

Avoid stimulants such as energy drinks and caffeine, 72 hours before your flight as they make you more nervous.

19. Stay distracted

Do not allow yourself to have negative thoughts. Once on the plane, you can listen to music, read a book, or chat with the passenger next to you and you will be less anxious.

20. Stick to one airline

Since you have experience with that airline, you will build more trust with them and feel more comfortable with their flights.

21. Avoid plane crash stories

When preparing for the flight, avoid reading or watching news about a plane crashed as this will put more fear to you.

22. Share your fear

Open up to the person seated next to you about your fear of flying. Sharing your worries helps in reducing stress.

23. Do not panic

When the plane is taking off, landing, or comes across the worst turbulence, stay calm and do not panic. Panicking will make you more anxious as you will think you are in danger.

24. Trust the pilots

Learn to trust the pilots since no one would hire unqualified pilots. Some have very experienced, so sit back relax.

25. Avoid airlines with poor safety reviews

Choose airlines with positive safety reviews as you will not worry much about your safety. You will be at ease during the flight.

26. Avoid night flights

For those who love seeing what is surrounding the plane, avoid night flights if it is possible.

27. Use flight phobia Apps

If you tried all anxiety management tips, and still you anxious, use an app that provides information on how to reduce anxiety and stress during flight.

28. Talk to a professional

A professional counselor can help you know the root of your fear of flying and how to deal with it.

29. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol will make you dehydrated in the humid temperatures of the plane. If you cannot avoid it, then take lost of water.

30. Take medication

Pills like Tranquilizers will calm you down but not treat the cause of the anxiety.

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