Fear of flying?

Posted On November 5, 2019

7 tips to get over your fear of flying.

 Sara is a high school senior who works hard in school and hopes to get into a great college. One day Sara gets a life changing phone call from her mother saying that her grandfather has become terminally ill, and they need to take a fight down to Florida to see him. Sara quickly packed her bags, but then remembered her fear of flying. Sara was so terrified of planes she could never think straight when she had to get on a plane. In short, her fear of flying paralyzed her and she eventually made the decision not to see her grandpa. Unfortunately, millions of people all over the world share Sara’s issue and it controls their life. They’d love to travel the world and see family, but they allow their fear of getting on a plane to control them. Here are a few tips on how to relive or completely get over being afafraid of flying.

 1. Ask yourself, “why am I so afraid of planes”?

Search deep into your subconscious mind and ask yourself that. Are you afraid of falling? Do you think planes lack security? Are you afraid of the aviation? Did you have a traumatic memory the last time you went on a plane? Do you visualize yourself falling from the plane? Did you watch a horror movie about a plane crash? It is important to know why you are so afraid of planes because once you find out the reason, you will be able to get better sooner and you will understand your fear better.

 2. Get educated about the built-in safely features and aviation.

To lower your anxiety and stress levels, it’s important to know how planes are carefully planes are created to handle emergencies. Pilots and co pilots are trained well and they go though specialized trainings for emergencies every 6 months. Security guards are also available.

 3.Talk to the pilots.

A lot of pilots are delighted to have people come look around and say hi. Make sure you talk to them before or after the plane ride has ended. But I suggest you talk to the pilots before take-off. Ask an attendant if you can look at the cockpit. Seeing the people flying the plane and the functional control panel creates trust.

 4. Choose the most comfortable seat you can.

Try your best to figure out which seat makes you feel more secure and comfortable. Seats towards the window allow you to see the take-off, middle seats offer you two armrests to grip, and aisle seats will give you blissful ignorance.

5. Go talk to a therapist. 

I love cognitive therapy because it can also be used outside of flight-specific clinics. You can change your behaviors and responses if you can change your thoughts and your thought processes. When I was younger, I used to be so terrified of needles, but once I realized what they were for and how doctors used them, I was no longer terrified of them. Now I am a pro at getting my flu shot!

 6.Fake it till you make it.

Now I know being on a plane can be scary for anyone, but the power is in your hands. Tell yourself that you are confident, strong and you aren’t afraid of what life throws at you. Even if you are scared, pretending that you are not afraid or acting like you are not is comforting and it’ll make it easier for you to go through this sticky situation.

7.Think of the future.

 This is a bonus one that I used when I was younger. I’d close my eyes and think about the future after the scary event. For example if you need to go on a plane in order to see your grandfather, imagine you seeing him, hugging him, and hanging out with your family after the plane ride. It’ll help you be more eager to get over your worse fear and you will keep your focus on the prize, not what you are scared of.

Do you know of any other tips and tricks on how to get over being afraid of flying? Do you know anyone in your family who has this issue? Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to share us with others!

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