Six Things You Should Know About Airplanes

Posted On November 4, 2019

How an aircraft works

 In Thrust We Trust: Six Things About Aircraft Safety and How It Works You Probably Do Not Know

The wings are made so that the air moves above them. As the aircraft gains speed, the air’s pressure starts to decrease. You begin to get pressure on both the top and bottom of the plan when that happens. The difference between the two speeds pushes the plan off the ground until it begins to start flying. Those who are looking for a more technical definition or explanation can click

Six Things You Should Know About Airplanes You Should Know and Probably Do Not

1) Did you know that most airplanes come with their own version of “Restraints?” Some people like to call them handcuffs. They are used when a passenger is starting to become unruly or they threaten the safety of other people on board. Did you ever watch an episode of Hawaii Five-O? It is similar except the stainless steel is heavier.

2) Did you know that the crew has their own compartments? The pilots sleep in a cot in the back, as do the flight attendants. This is done primarily for those who have flights that last longer than ten hours. You will never see them though. Some of them have a secret staircase inside which takes you into their sleeping compartments. They need their rest if they are going to keep you safe while flying.

3) You might notice that some crafts come with a defibrillator. It started as an optional thing. However, due to the death of a 47-year old woman, it was soon mandated that all planes carry at least one, sometimes more than one. It is part of their protocol for keeping their passengers safe while flying. Did you know that Qantas is the first plane to do it? You can also see them in the Emirates and British Airlines.

4) There are sky marshalls on your flight, though you might not notice some of them right away. Do you see a stud sporting a military-style haircut? That could be one of them. It could also be the nerdy guy with the glasses. Either way, security employes them to keep you safe in the sky. They come with firearms and are ready for anything. These guys are specifically trained to handle anything that might come up.

5) There are cameras watching everything that happens on the flight. Do not try anything silly because you will be caught. The cameras are there to record everything on a 24/7 basis. Some crafts have a blue tooth feed near the cockpit. The people who monitor the flights can see what is going on and when. Do you see a logo for “Blue Watch?” That is one of the security companies that monitor things for the people who charter the airlines.

FYI: There is also a cockpit camera. They record things that mostly happen on the flight deck but can record other things too.

6) Most planes come equipped with at least a few fire extinguishers and an oxygen tank. You never know when someone is going to be in trouble. Part of the rules states that only authorized personnel can use the fire extinguishers. The staff is highly trained in all measures of safety and security. The idea is to stay out of the way when someone has to use one. You do not want to be in the crosshairs.

FYI: There is also something called “supplemental oxygen.” It is extra oxygen for the times when it calls for it. They also have drop-down masks for the times when the cabin pressure drops down. The staff will alert you to when you may need to use the masks.

Extra): Did you know that airplanes has a lifttime of about 25 years before they are grounded? But when the airplanes are grounded they still have a”job” to do or fulfil. It is very expensive to “store” them at a landfill. Also it isn’t very environmentally friendly. There is still a lot of value left in theses very expensive airplanes. It is possible to recycle a lot of the parts. Electronics, metals and such should and could be used for other things and some parts can be reused in other airplanes. Metal scrap and other electronics that can’t be reused can be crushed with a machine designed to sort and crush electronic waste.

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